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We are a team of Agile Leaders highly passionate about training individuals who would like to become Scrum Masters / agile coaches. We provide intensive and comprehensive Scrum Master/ Agile Coach Training.

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Agile coach

Become a change facilitator, learn skills and tool needed to promote the adoption of Agile practices.

Agile Coach

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scrum master

World class training on becoming a Professional Scrum Master. You will be able to help Agile adoption with teams by promoting Agile culture and mindset through one-on-one mentoring, training, and workshops with team from business and IT

Scrum masters

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Mentorship program

Learn skills to facilitate the resolution of organizational impediments preventing the adoption of Agile.

Mentorship Program

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Other services

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Other Services

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Grow your knowledge and become a successful agile coach/scrum master


We provide affordable training to see you through becoming a successful Agile leader / Scrum Master

Trusted Knowledge

Get trained by seasoned leaders with more than 8 years experience in Agile transformation and Scrum Master

Anytime, Anywhere

Learn from anywhere. with our live classes. All classes are recorded live on zoom



I Am joel tobeh.

With 8 years of agile transformation and scrum master expertise, I helped train over 5 companies and 20 Individuals. In the constantly changing agile field, it is my mission to provide individuals with the skills to master the tools and best lean agile practice that will help them become successful in the work place.

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We offer intense training on Agile, including Scrum Master and Agile Coaching; Interview Prep; Resume writing; and an Agile Community of Excellence

 Thursdays 7-9 PM EST, Saturdays 9-11 AM EST

 Are classes in person or remote? All classes are remote

Yes, our candidates typically have diverse backgrounds including education, health care, and sales.

 Yes, there are many certification paths, candidates will have to make a choice of the certification they want.


Phone: +1(704)277-8796
Steel Creek, Charlotte, NC 28278